UBC Science Co-op Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Summer 2019 Photo Contest! 

Jessica Desforges - Hard at Work category

Jenny Zhu - Team Work category


Science Co-op Photo Contest - TBA

Show us the co-op work you are proud of! We want to hear about what you are learning and doing on your Co-op work term as well as what makes it memorable, so make sure to submit an awesome caption with a great photo if you want to win the contest.

To enter, submit your Science Co-op photos from your current Co-op work term with a caption to instagram@sciencecoop.ubc.ca and follow us on Instagram @ubcsciencecoop. We are currently not excepting any entries--please check back!


Summer 2019 Categories: 

1. Hard at Work: Show us a glimpse of what your day is like at work.

2. Team Work: Show off your team #squadgoals!


Please note: Contest entry submissions are limited to a maximum of 5 photos per category (students can participate in both categories).

By entering your photo in the UBC Science Co-op photo contest, you are allowing consent for the program to use your photo for marketing purposes. When submitting/posting photos, please ensure to respect the privacy of your employer and do not submit images containing confidential or sensitive content unless you have received consent to do so. If submitting photos of/with individuals other than yourself in the photo, please ensure that you have received their consent to do so. Video submissions are not accepted for the contest. 


Questions? Contact us: instagram@sciencecoop.ubc.ca 

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