Behavioural Neuroscience

This Co-op program gives you a head start exploring career options with the opportunity to work in various research areas within the field of health and biomedical research. Many of our placements will put you at the cutting edge of science and will give you an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in school. Your work experience will take the form of four consecutive four-month work placements at a variety of different organizations in Canada and potentially internationally. You will begin your work terms after completing your third academic year. Completion of all four work terms is required in order to receive a Co-op designation on your transcript.

Application Deadlines

**If you are a Neuroscience major, please apply via the Neuroscience page of our website here**


Apply in Year Application Deadline Date
3 Tuesday, October 3, 2023


We’ll run you through the application requirements, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account in SCOPE, the UBC Science Co-op Information System.

Application Requirements

Must be a third-year student enrolled in the Behavioural Neuroscience option at UBC.

  • Have a minimum average of around B- (68%)
  • Be a full-time UBC (Vancouver) student in good academic standing in mathematics, English and the sciences
  • Have at least 30 credits remaining of your graduation requirement at the time of application
  • Good communication skills and a responsible, mature attitude
  • Demonstrated leadership, teamwork and time management
  • Demonstrated interest in your chosen field
  • Be flexible and willing to accept a work placement outside the Lower Mainland
  • Students with 4th year standing at time of application are not eligible to apply

Work-Term Schedules

Year Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2        -
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4        -
3 Study Term 5 + Apply Study Term 6 + Co-op Workshops Work Term 1
4 Work Term 2 Work Term 3 Work Term 4
5 Study Term 7 Study Term 8 + Graduate        -

This highly recommended schedule enables students to complete their program within the shortest time frame. Alternate scheduling is available in consultation with your coordinator.

Sample Jobs and Companies

BC Children’s Hospital
Research Assistant Searching for a Co-op student (Psychology major preferred) with excellent interpersonal and English language skills, experienced and comfortable working with children, good knowledge of Matlab and Mac OS, experience with psycho-educational testing an asset. Project: Interventions for dyslexia: effectiveness and neurological correlates. Duties include weekly visits to North Vancouver elementary schools to assist with behavioural/psychometric data collection; equipment set-up, behavioural and MRI data collection at BC Children’s Hospital; data entry and data analysis using Excel, SPSS and customized code; assistance with research participant scheduling; literature searches; participation in weekly lab meetings; assistance with the preparation of conference presentations and/or manuscripts.
Bloorview Research Institute
Co-op Student The Prism lab discovers new ways to decode behavioral and physiological manifestations of communicative intent in nonverbal children and youth with severe physical disabilities. Current research projects include various motor-based access technologies that harness orofacial gestures, muscle contractions, and vocal fold vibrations, as well as brain-based access alternatives including opto-hemodynamic and neuro-electric brain-machine interfaces. Specifically, we have developed brain-machine interfaces that are driven by mental tasks, those that are controlled by intentional modulation of blood flow in a task-free paradigm, as well as interfaces that detect particular event-related potentials as well as spontaneous evolution of brain states. In parallel, we have developed an access technology delivery protocol that engages the client, families and where appropriate teaching staff and clinicians to facilitate consistent and functional use of novel access technology. Key Responsibilities: - Assist with development of brain-computer interfaces - Support clinical data collection - Engage in Matlab and LabView development - Interact with clients, families and staff of the program, and other program’s staff throughout the organization - Design, develop and test various types of access technologies - Contribute to journal publications


We’ll run you through the application requirements, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account in SCOPE, the UBC Science Co-op Information System.

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