Geographical Sciences

Your degree in Geographical Sciences focuses on the interactions between the Earth's biosphere and its atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. It is a fusion of Geomorphology, Biogeography, Climatology, Hydrology and GIS. Start your career with UBC Science Co-op and gain experience in using GIS to collect data for contamination sites and environmental assessments (EA), using data to develop climate change simulation models, and digitizing datasets to create maps.

Application Deadlines

Apply in Year Application Deadline Date
2 Wednesday, March 8, 2023
3 Monday, October 3, 2022

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We’ll run you through the application requirements, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account in SCOPE, the UBC Science Co-op Information System.

Application Requirements

  • Have a minimum average of around B- (68%)
  • Be a full-time UBC (Vancouver) student in good academic standing in mathematics, English and the sciences
  • Having a full-class driver’s license will increase chances of placement by a significant margin as quite a large portion of postings for Geographical Science Co-op require students to have a Class 5 driver’s license
  • Good communication skills, and a responsible, mature attitude
  • Demonstrated leadership, teamwork and time management
  • Demonstrated interest in your chosen field
  • Be flexible and willing to accept a work placement outside the Lower Mainland

Work-Term Schedules

Schedule A

Year Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2        -
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4        -
3 Study Term 5 Work Term 1 Work Term 2
4 Study Term 6 Study Term 7 Work Term 3
5 Work Term 4 Study Term 8        -

The above schedule is highly recommended by the Co-op Program in order for students to complete their program within the shortest time frame. Alternate scheduling is available in consultation with your Co-op Coordinator.  

Schedule B

Year Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Term Study Term        -
2 Study Term Study Term        -
3 Study Term Study Term Work Term
4 Work Term Work Term Work Term
5 Study Term Study Term        -

Sample Jobs and Companies

BC Ministry of Energy and Mines
BC Geological Survey - Co-op Geological Assistant Key responsibilities of the Co-op student in this position include: providing both technical and administrative support to clients; provide assistance and access to mineral industry information and geoscience data, researches and compiles information for the Director or Regional Geologists; creates, edits and updates GIS-based maps, datasets and information publications as required. As well, the Co-op student will research and compile information for geological projects, including presentations for conferences.

Success Stories

Liana “Lea” Zhecheva
Geographical Sciences
4 months @District of North Vancouver; 8 months @Environment and Climate Change Canada; 4 months @North Shore Mountain Bike Association The diversity of the GEOB degree is reflected in the diversity of Lea’s Co-op experiences. Field based positions included a Park Ranger position with the District of North Vancouver’s Parks Department and landscape modification at NSMBA. Through the Meteorological Service of Canada, Lea’s Co-op experience included projects such as looking at the impact of pressure differences on wind speeds in topographically constraining terrain, verifying the performance of a high-resolution meteorological model for the Georgia Strait, and verifying the performance of Environment Canada’s avalanche forecasting tools.


We’ll run you through the application requirements, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account in SCOPE, the UBC Science Co-op Information System.

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