Prospective Students

Which Major to Choose?

Students should apply to the Co-op program of their current major. Students in a double majors or combined majors program only need to submit ONE application to the program of their choice.

I Don't Know My Major Yet

Looks like you have still not decided your specialization. No worries. There is always time. If you are a Science student in the process of deciding, we invite you to explore the various programs in UBC Science Co-op, and, if needed, talk to people from various programs to get a better understanding of the Co-op program and your options. We encourage you to still apply to your tentative area of interest so that one of the coordinators can take a look at your application and advise you.


Students enrolled with the Centre for Accessibility are encouraged to contact the Co-op office should they have questions about the admission requirements. If you are not able to meet the admission requirements for reasons related to the impact of a disability, please contact us at to learn about special consideration that may be available to you. Details of the nature of the disability will not be required.

Contact the Science Co-op Office


More Information for Prospective Students

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