Microbiology & Immunology

Explore the fascinating world of microbiology through hands-on experiential learning. You’ll experience cutting edge science, and have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in school. Opportunities typically vary in nature, and generally include experience in wet lab, research, bioinformatics, and clinical research. Additionally, students are able to explore these opportunities in companies of all sizes, including government, and research facilities, and in locations that are situated locally, nationally, and internationally.

Application Deadlines

Apply in Year Application Deadline Date
2 Wednesday, March 8, 2023
3 Monday, October 3, 2022


We’ll run you through the application requirements, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account in SCOPE, the UBC Science Co-op Information System.

Application Requirements

  • Have a minimum average of around B- (68%)
  • Be a full-time UBC (Vancouver) student in good academic standing in mathematics, English and the sciences
  • Demonstrate good communication skills, and a responsible, mature attitude
  • Demonstrate leadership, teamwork and time management
  • Demonstrate interest in your chosen field
  • Be flexible and willing to accept a work placement outside the Lower Mainland
  • MBIM Majors and Honors students already in 3rd year and registered in MICB 322 may apply for MBIM co-op in the Fall.
  • MBIM Combined Majors students may apply to MBIM co-op, or to the other degree specialization in their program. Combined major students do not need to be enrolled in a 3rd year MICB lab to be admitted to the MBIM co-op program.

Work-Term Schedules

Schedule A

Year Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2        -
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4        -
3 Study Term 5 Work Term 1 Work Term 2
4 Study Term 6 Study Term 7 Work Term 3
5 Work Term 4 Study Term 8        -

Schedule B

Year Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2        -
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4        -
3 Study Term 5 Study Term 6 Work Term 1
4 Work Term 2 Work Term 3 Work Term 4
5 Study Term 7 Study Term 8        -

The above schedules are highly recommended by the Co-op Program in order for students to complete their program within the shortest time frame. Alternate scheduling is available in consultation with your Co-op Coordinator.


Sample Jobs and Companies

StemCell Technologies
Co-op Process Development Antibodies The Co-op student will assist the Process Development team in developing processes for preparation of complex cell culture media. The student will be exposed to dissolution chemistry in industrial scale single-use reactor systems and filtration systems. The project will involve multiple laboratory techniques, including physiochemical analysis, aseptic technique, and possibly some cell culture. In addition, the student will learn how to navigate inventory and document management systems, contribute to the general function of the Process Development laboratory and maintain written records of laboratory procedures, experimental results and all lab work according to company standards.
BC Cancer Research Centre
Clinical Trials Assistant The successful candidate will join a team of clinical trials PK managers to collect blood and other bodily fluids samples from patients enrolled in clinical trials, ranging from Phase I-III. This position will be supporting the clinical trials arm of Experimental Therapeutics and the candidate will be working with strictly confidential patient information and adhering to strict protocols. Typical duties for this position will involve: (i) collecting and processing patient samples taken by the nurse for the clinical trials program, (ii) transporting patients’ samples from hospital to the laboratory, (iii) documenting collected data in forms and (iv) preparing samples for shipment. The candidate will be exposed to highly confidential information from patients who are experiencing different stages of cancer, and will need to handle all information in a professional and considerate manner.

Success Stories

Rob Ragotte
Microbiology & Immunology Major
Completed 16 Months of Co-op 12 months @ Child & Family Research Institute, and 4 months @ Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel – Germany After graduating from the Faculty of Microbiology & Immunology, Rob was accepted into the PhD program for Clinical Medicine at Oxford. Rob cited his experiences in Co-op as the centerpiece of his application, making a very compelling argument as to how the experience he had gained made him a great candidate.


We’ll run you through the application requirements, and then you’ll be prompted to create an account in SCOPE, the UBC Science Co-op Information System.

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