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Please read the application requirements thoroughly before proceeding to the application link at the bottom of this page!

Meet Application + Date Requirements

To apply for UBC Science Co-op, you must have a minimum average of around B- and be a *full-time UBC (Vancouver) student in good academic standing. Please ensure that you have reviewed the Programs page for all information related to your discipline before applying.

Review the deadlines for your intended program/discipline. 

*Students enrolled with the Centre for Accessibility are encouraged to contact the Co-op office should they have questions about the admission requirements. If you are not able to meet the admission requirements for reasons related to the impact of a disability, please contact us at to learn about special consideration that may be available to you. Details of the nature of the disability will not be required.

Prepare Your Application File

Before you apply, ensure you have the following two items in one Word or PDF file ready for upload, and do not zip the file:

  1. Resume: Should be no longer than two pages. Include information on education, technical experience, extra-curricular activities, volunteer/work experience. Your resume should reflect your personal experience, skills and interests in a professional manner. 
  2. Transcripts: For transfer students from another institution, please combine your resume and transcript into one file and upload it at the end of the application to complete your submission. Scanned copy of a non-UBC transcript or cut-and-pasted data from an online transcript is acceptable. For UBC students, you will only need to upload your resume to this application.

If you do not meet the academic requirements and/or do not have the required documentation ready for upload as outlined above, do not proceed with your application.


Create an Account and Apply

Need Support?

Made a mistake on your application? Instead of resubmitting your application, please send an email to technical support regarding the issue. For other questions, contact the Co-op Admin Office or the respective Co-op Coordinator for your discipline.