Student of the Year Award

Student of the Year Award 2019

Congratuations Judy So!

Judy is Science Co-op's 2019 Student of the Year Award winner.

Judy So is a fourth year Microbiology and Immunology student, who recently completed a 12-month work term at BC Children's Hospital. Her experience includes preparing case study reports on rare orthopaedic conditions, coordinating the largest international registry for developmental dysplasia of the hip, and mentoring volunteers on patient interaction. The projects she worked on have the potential to identify trends in successful treatment practices for paediatric hip conditions, with the goal of improving and standardizing care for these conditions globally.

Judy has also been a dedicated volunteer at BC Children's Hospital for years, and hopes to continue working with children as she is passionate about optimizing hospital experience and providing social support to this population.

At UBC, she is the president of her department’s student association, where she works with her team to organize academic peer support and socials to promote a sense of community between students and faculty.

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Honourable Mentions

Science Co-op would also like to acknowledge the excellent work and achievements of these students:

  1. Lorna Tu (Biophysics)

  2. Laura Melaedy (Biochemistry)

  3. Rebecka Lee (Biology)

  4. Michelle Liu (Integrated Sciences)

Judy So: Integrated Sciences


Award Info

The purpose of the UBC Science Co-op Student of the Year Award is to recognize a recipient’s achievements in their job performance, academic performance, contributions to the UBC community or their employer, to Co-op education, to the general community and their involvement in extra-curricular activities.


  • $500 cash prize
  • A plaque
  • Opportunity to be nominated for the BC and Yukon ACE-WIL Student of the Year Award


  • The candidate must be a current UBC Science Co-op Student
  • The candidate has completed at least two Co-op work terms
  • The candidate has not previously won the award

Selection Criteria

Candidates are evaluated based on their impact to the three main stakeholders of co-operative education. Each criterion carries 1/3 of the overall score, out of 90.  Subsequent review within the committee of the merits of top candidates (based on initial scores) helps to determine the winners.

1.  Impact on employer (30 pts)

2. Impact on student (self) (30 pts)

3. Impact on institution (30 pts)

Candidates may self-nominate by completing the application themselves or be nominated by
a fellow student. A Co-op Coordinator from the Faculty of Science may also nominate students.

Nomination Package

Nomination packages should contain the follow items presented in the order below:

  • Nomination form
  • Employer support form (completed and signed)
  • Student’s 2-page essay on the Benefits of Co-operative Education
  • Student’s portfolio (optional, two (2) pages maximum)

Download Application Package


Submissions are now closed. The Student of the Year will be announced in March 2021.

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