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Ensuring a positive experience for the employer and student is a prime goal of UBC Science Co-op.

To assist in reaching this goal, the program has implemented several steps that both students and employers take part in during and upon completion of the work term. To facilitate these steps, a Co-op Coordinator will work with you and your student during and upon completion of the work term.

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After Hiring, Before the Work Term

  1. Prepare workplace team for Co-op Student
  2. Draft up list of tasks, responsibilities, measurable time-driven goals for the term

During the Work Term

  1. Set Goals with Students. To gain the maximum benefit from their placement, we strongly recommend our students to formulate learning objectives and tangible goals with their Supervisors at the beginning of their placement. This should be done at the start of the 2nd week.
  2. Participate in the Co-op Check-In Meeting. Midway through the work term, a representative from the Co-op program will visit you and the student to discuss the student's work progress and student work term assignment. Most visits are done in person, but in some cases the visit is done by telephone. The Co-op Check-In Meeting will be conducted by a Co-op Coordinator.
  3. Be Aware of the Student’s Work Term Assignment. During their work term, students are required to write a scientific or technical report or presentation discussing their project(s) and what they learned during their work term. They're required to complete this assignment by the end of the term. These projects help students develop writing skills and provide the employer and UBC with documentation of the students' work term. Employers should provide some guidance to the students on what content they could include in their report/assignment. See “After the Work Term”, following, for more details on formats this assignment can take.

After the Work Term

Set Aside time for Evaluations

As a Supervisor, you have some forms and evaluations to complete. These items help everyone – you, the student and the UBC Science Co-op office -- get the most from the work placement experience. Complete all forms in our online database, Scope. Contact the UBC Science Co-op office for access. Supervisors (employers) will receive a reminder email near the end of the work term with a link to complete the forms online. Students will only pass their work term when all required documents are submitted with satisfactory standing by the supervisors.

The two required evaluations include:

Employer Evaluation of Student

To assist student professional development, we ask that you complete this form which evaluates the student's progress throughout his or her work term. We strongly recommend that you discuss this content with the student before they leave the work place. At the end of the evaluation, you will be asked to rank the student's performance. Please note that an unsatisfactory evaluation means the student has failed their Co-op work term.

Employer Evaluation of Student Work Term Report/Assignment: Requires Grade

Based on discussion with supervisors, students may submit their report/assignment in one of the following four formats:

  1. Oral presentation. Many employers like the idea to having their Co-op student prepare an oral presentation at the end of the work term for their team, managers and/or other Co-op students. Not only does this experience provide an excellent public speaking opportunity for the student, it is also beneficial for other members of the company to learn about the student's accomplishments during the work term. The Oral Presentation Evaluation can be completed in our online database, Scope. Please refer to the Presentation Evaluation Form.
  2. Confidential work term report. Report containing confidential content. Because contents are confidential, this report must be graded by the employer. Please refer to the Guidelines for Marking Work Term Reports.
  3. Non-confidential work term report. Report that can be submitted to UBC to be evaluated by our markers.
  4. Progress report. Used in work terms longer than 4 months. Students may write a progress report if they are working for more than one term at the same placement. Progress reports are usually non-confidential and are evaluated by UBC markers after being reviewed by supervisors.


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