Frequently Asked Questions

Co-op Facts and Starting Out

What are the benefits of hiring a UBC Science Co-op student?
  • Cost-effective recruitment solution for the future as an efficient way of evaluating future employees’ potential
  • Co-op students are available throughout the year
  • Broad talent pool of innovative students who are enthusiastic to apply a range of knowledge and skills in the working environment
  • Participating in the UBC Science Co-op program allows employers the rewarding experience of mentoring the students and shaping the future potential of leaders
  • The professional and dedicated support offered to employers by the UBC Science Co-op team ensures that hiring our students is as convenient and stress-free as possible
What programs are available for Co-op?

Our students have diverse skill sets, from a range of over 23 academic programs. Read about the variety of course specific skills offered by our students, or contact us.

How do I know if my position fits the Co-op requirements?

UBC Co-op jobs are full-time, paid work terms lasting for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months. Work terms should provide a challenging, relevant and instructive experience. The assessment of our student’s performance during a work term is based on evaluation from the employer and on assignments submitted by the student. In addition, the Co-op Coordinators maintain contact with the student and employer to monitor progress on an on-going basis. Our Co-op Coordinators would be happy to provide further information about salaries and to answer any other questions regarding the suitability of your co-op position.

What is the average salary for a Co-op student?

The salary for a Co-op student is determined by you, and is reflective of your industry and location. There is no fee for participating in the program through posting jobs or interviewing candidates. For further information, see our UBC Co-op student salary statistics.

The Hiring Process

How do I post a job to available students?

Job postings are usually submitted online here, or by e-mail ( Once your job description has been posted in our online database, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, advising you of when you will start receiving resumes.

When can we expect to receive prospective student resumes for our job?

Jobs are usually posted for three to five business days and resumes of suitable candidates are forwarded via e-mail.

What is the best time to begin interviewing students?

ASAP! Once you have reviewed your application package, feel free to submit an interview request at your convenience. The UBC Science Co-op Program operates on a Continuous Placement Process (we don’t wait for a set date to start placing students; job offers are made to students on a first-come, first-served basis), so it is in employers’ best interests to interview as soon as possible as student availability is subject to change.

When should student job offers be sent, and to whom?

After you have completed the interviews, send us a list of students you would be interested in hiring, in order of preference (i.e., 1=most desirable, 2, 3, etc.) via phone or email. If you have interviewed students from other departments/schools, include a comprehensive list that includes all of the students from each institution. As part of the Continuous Placement Process, offers will be made to students on a first-come first-served basis. A Co-op Coordinator will match employers and students according to the hiring preference available. The chosen student will have 48 hours (2 business days) to either accept or decline the job offer. If the student does not accept the offer, the Coordinator will contact the next student on the hiring preference list. This process will continue until the job offer is accepted. The Co-op Coordinator will contact you to confirm the student's acceptance of your offer.

What is the deadline for hiring a Co-op student?

We begin posting 4 months in advance of the work term. We continue to post positions throughout the 4 months leading up to the work term. We work on a Continuous Placement Process – job offers are made to students on a first-come, first-served basis. All deadlines are set by the employer

Miscellaneous Questions

What is your policy around confidentiality?

We understand that students may be working in positions that require a high level of confidentiality. In such instances, companies can request that students sign a confidentiality agreement which will be strictly adhered to by the student. Information held by UBC Science Co-op will never be distributed to third parties and we will always respect your privacy.

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

It is our aim to ensure that participating in the UBC Science Co-op program is a rewarding experience for students and employers. In order for both parties to benefit fully from the co-op experience, we advise employers on the following responsibilities:


Employers often take on the role of mentor for their Co-op students, supporting them throughout the work term by offering advice and providing feedback. Our Co-op Coordinators facilitate the employer/student relationship by conducting Co-op Check-In Meetings, which are usually halfway through the work term. These discussions (in person or via telephone) provide the opportunity to ensure that both students and employers are satisfied.

Goal Setting and Evaluation

Our students are encouraged to set their own goals at the beginning of the work term and we recommend that employers are involved in this process. Students are also required to:

  • Submit a scientific or technical end of term report, or;
  • Deliver a presentation based on their learning during the co-op placement


At the end of the work term, employers are required to complete an evaluation regarding the student’s performance and assess their work term report/assignment. Read more about employer responsibilities.

What is the student evaluation process?

At the end of a student’s co-op work term, supervisors will be asked to complete an online evaluation form required for the student to receive credit for the work term. The Co-op Office will send out a prompt to complete this form near the end of the student’s work term.

I am a UBC Administrator and I need to appoint a Co-op student, what is the Co-op student code?

The code is 999606.

Please find more information on appointment form help here.

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