Co-op Salaries

The Employer determines the salary for a UBC Science Co-op student

According to the UBC Science Co-op Program requirements, Co-op work placements must be paid a salary. The salary may vary widely depending on the employer, program of study, work placement level or overall work experience. The employer determines and salary for a UBC Science Co-op student. While students are encouraged to consider the educational benefit of a position, compensation may be a factor in students' decision considerations.

Co-op salaries are reviewed annually and compiled based on organizations who have hired UBC Science Co-op students.

  • Figures are gross monthly salaries and in Canadian dollars; they vary across Canada and world-wide
  • Approximately 75 per cent of UBC Science Co-op placements are in BC’s Lower Mainland

Note: This data is provided for informational purposes only 


Minimum Wage

Employees must be paid at least minimum wage. Minimum wage applies regardless of how employees are paid – hourly, salary, commission or on an incentive basis. If an employee's wage is below minimum wage for the hours they worked, the employer must top up their payment so that it's equal to minimum wage.

British Columbia – click here   (Current BC min. wage: $17.40 per hour effective June 1, 2024)

Across Canada - click here 

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