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With over two hundred international placements annually, about ten percent of its overall placements, the UBC Science Co-op program is committed to providing Canadian and international employers access to some of the best undergraduate students in the world. UBC Science Co-op students are an asset to any organization, and we encourage employers from all over the world to be part of the program.

Not only does your organization receive an injection of fresh perspective and affordable, well-educated talent, but you’re also providing a valuable life experience to a student to travel and work abroad in their chosen field.

Building international engagement and understanding are key parts of UBC’s strategic plan, and UBC Science Co-op seeks to support this by engaging international employers.

We Make it Easy

As an international employer, you have access to personalized assistance from our team. We understand the processes involved in recruiting student workers from all over the world and are here to assist you in the arrangements. To see the steps involved, see Hiring Process.

What You Need to Know About Visa Applications

UBC Science Co-op has streamlined the process of hiring co-op students from abroad. Once the student is matched with a job offer, we assist you in navigating the process of obtaining the necessary work permits for co-op students. 

Please find the visa/work authorization process for various countries outlined below:

United States

Visa Type: J1

Minimum Processing Time: 1 month

Application Process:

  • Handle by J1 sponsor agencies: Cultural Vistas or Intrax or by employer
  • Student initiates the application online and the supervisor will be prompted to complete a training plan
  • SEVIS DS-2019 form is issued and the student can receive their J1 visa upon arrival to USA
  • Student will need to apply for their Social Security Number (SSN) before commencing their Co-op work term
  • SSN takes about 10 business days to process

Visa Type: Youth Mobility Visa (YMV) + Residence Permit

Visa Type for non-Canadian students: Internship Visa

Minimum Processing Time: 1 month for ZAV, 1 month for YMV, 2 months in total

Application Process:

  • Co-op office to send Certificate of Enrollment (COE) and passport copy to employer. Employer to apply and wait for ZAV approval.
  • Canadian students apply for YMV once offer letter and other documents are prepared: YMV Instructions
  • Student will need to apply for a Residence Permit after arrival as the YMV is only valid for 90 days.
  • International students will need to apply for an Internship visa in-person in Toronto

Visa Type: Temporary Employment Pass (TEP)

Minimum Processing Time: 1-2 months

Application Process:

  • A*Star Award approval if applicable
  • TEP Initiated by Employer - apply through Ministry of Manpower
  • Co-op office to provide a studentship letter and transcript for student's TEP submission
Singapore (National University of Singapore only - NUS)

Visa Type: Student Pass

Minimum Processing Time: 2 months to receive student status approval, 2-3 weeks for Student Pass

Application Process:

  • Student is hired in collaboration with UBC Go Global Office.  Student will be admitted into NUS and apply for a Student Pass.
  • Need admission letter from NUS' Registrar's office to apply for the Student Pass through SOLAR

Visa Type: Training & Research Visa (Subclass 402)

Minimum Processing Time: 3.5 months

Application Process:

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