Why UBC Science Co-op

Why should you hire a UBC co-op student?

Watch as students describe why you’re not just hiring a UBC student, you’re hiring UBC.

With the largest Co-op Program in Western Canada, UBC offers you access to over 5,000 co-op students across Applied Science, Arts, Business, Forestry, Kinesiology, and Science. We pre-select students so you can feel confident you’re getting the best candidate for the job. The best is the only thing you’ll get. The opportunity you’re providing our students is invaluable. That’s why we’ll provide you with support for recruiting, interviewing and hiring. 


Hiring a Co-op student is one of the most effective means for employers across many sectors to identify and acquire key talent.

UBC Science Co-op provides Canadian and international employers with access to qualified and motivated UBC Science students. Since 1980, we've helped thousands of employers find students to work at their organizations.

Here are some advantages to hiring a student from UBC Science Co-op:

  • High Quality Talent. Our students are educated (have at least 1 year of relevant science education completed), pre-selected (have high academic standing), ready to work (have work permits), and offer organizations their fresh perspectives and energy.
  • Continuous Placement. UBC Science Co-op students are available each term, meaning you can have a student in a position year-round, year after year.
  • Save Money on Recruiting. Hiring a UBC Science Co-op student can allow you to save time on your recruitment efforts by exposing you to good potential full-time employee and/or graduate student candidates on a continuous basis.
  • We Make it Easy for Employers. Our Business development team is committed to providing the highest levels of prompt and personalized service. Try us!

Disciplines and skills available        Based outside of Canada?

Hiring Basics:

Why Hire from UBC Science Co-op?
  • Connects employers with well-suited, pre-selected students capable of offering a benefit at a workplace
  • Has a team in place to assist employers and students to ensure successful work terms
  • Prepares students for the working world through on-campus workshops and one-on-one coaching before their first work term and throughout the 5-year Co-op program
Who are UBC Science Co-op Students?
  • Pre-selected undergraduate and graduate (in Statistics) Science students who have sound academic standing, growing amounts of research/work/volunteer experience, and a balanced lifestyle (many participate in extra-curricular activities).
  • Students are available on a Continuous Placement Model: employers hire on a first-come, first-served basis. Employers start posting jobs January 1, May 1, and September 1, and hiring commences soon after that for the next term.
Work Placement Requirements

To hire UBC Science Co-op students, employers need to create work placements (similar to internship positions) that are:

  • Full-time (35-40 hours per week)
  • Paid. Employers fund the positions – read guidelines and find grants on Salaries + Funding
  • 3 to 16 months long. Employers can create work terms ranging in length from 3 to 16 months long, stretching out in 3-4 month continuous increments. Most work placements are 4 months long. Work terms start in early January, early May and/or early September. We always have students available to hire at these times

We encourage employers to maintain co-op positions year after year. This brings your workplace a continuous flow of new knowledge and perspective, while also affirming (to your clients and staff) that your workplace values learning and giving back to its profession.

Yes, We love Employers Outside of BC and Canada
  • We welcome employers anywhere in BC, Canada, and across the world
  • The hiring process is not complicated
  • Employers and students both benefit with this international exchange of knowledge and experience. Receive help through this process from UBC Science Co-op Team
  • Read more on International Employers
Top 10 Things BC Employers Should Know 


*Please refer to the latest BC minimum wage here:  https://sciencecoop.ubc.ca/employers/salaries