Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences

Students admitted to the Honours Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences program meet highly demanding standards of academic achievement and pursue an academic program that is unique in its breadth and depth. In addition, our students' academic background covers core courses in biochemistry, microbiology, biometrics, genetics, pharmacology and anatomy. Our students develop many lab based skills while being trained at UBC’s cutting-edge research facilities.

Sample skill sets

  • In vivo surgical techniques in rodents; monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate and minute ventilation and various routes of drug administration.
  • Three lead ECG measurement in humans
  • Basic techniques in serology and hematology (RBC & WBC count, differential WBC count, Hct determination, ABO & Rh blood grouping)
  • Measurement of conduction velocity in human motor nerve.
  • Spirometry
  • Basic exercise testing and measurement of minute ventilation, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production in humans
  • Measurement of human urinary output, urine osmolarity, osmolar and solute free renal clearance in humans
  • Dose-response measurements and analysis
  • Use of transducers, oscilloscope and polygraph recorders
  • Familiarity with data acquisition programs, data collection and statistical analysis
  • Referencing of scientific information
  • Additional Laboratory Skills in Biochemistry DNA/Protein Analysis such as PCR, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, DNA Sequencing & BLAST analysis and more
  • Bacterial Growth measurement using radiolabel
  • Size exclusion chromatography