Cognitive Systems (Computational Intelligence Design)

The Cognitive Systems (COGS) Program is a multi-disciplinary program involving Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology. Many students prepare themselves for careers with a focus in robotics/AI, HCI, medical technology, neuroscience, software design and development, and industrial research and development. Group work is heavily stressed in the first two years of the program. Students are encouraged to debate and present their ideas. COGS students receive encouragement to diversify their studies as well. With background courses in computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology, students further their degree with additional training in one of the following three streams:

  • Cognition and Brain
  • Language
  • Computational Intelligence and Design

The program emphasizes the study of existing systems (e.g., perception; linguistics), the design of new ones (e.g., machine vision; machine intelligence), and the design of interfaces between different forms of intelligent agents (e.g., human-computer interfaces).

Sample skill sets

  • Neuroscience
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence and robotics
  • Software development and database development
  • Prototyping and designing of computer systems
  • C++, C, Java
  • Conducting multi-disciplinary research