Computer Science (BSc, BA, BCOM)

Undergraduate students in Computer Science learn the fundamentals of programming constructs, models, and design before taking a Co-op position. Required courses integrate core computational and mathematical concepts giving the students an excellent base for learning and applying technical skills in your company. These students are passionate about computers and are eager to learn and contribute their knowledge and ideas to your team.

In addition to the four-year undergraduate program, we also offer the Bachelor of Computer Science--a two-year degree program designed for university graduates making a career transition into information technology or who are combining their 1st degree with computer science. These Co-op students have previous work experience, excellent communication skills and a passion for applying computer fundamentals to a variety of industries. These students are available for two work terms.

UBC's Combined Major in Business and Computer Science gives Co-op students the technical background and understanding they need to apply IT solutions in a business context and use them to develop opportunities for growth.

Sample skill sets

  • Software design, development and programming
  • Software testing and debugging
  • Webpage design and maintenance
  • Database design
  • Graphical User Interface development
  • Operating Systems
  • Network and Distributed Systems
  • Graphics
  • Technical writing and documentation