Earth and Ocean Sciences

Earth and Ocean Sciences

UBC Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) is a dynamic, interdisciplinary department where the basic sciences of biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics are applied to discovering how the Earth behaves. There is also a heavy focus on how humans continue to affect the planet we live on. Research disciplines include Geological Sciences, Geophysics, Geological Engineering, Oceanography, and Atmospheric Sciences. Programs of study are integrated and flexible. The EOS Co-op program partners our top students with the requirements of employers to ensure the job gets done well.

Sample skill sets

Junior Students

  • Assist with Geologic mapping, including making cross sections and stratigraphic sections
  • Students are knowledgeable about field safety
  • Assist in petrographic analysis (thin section identification of common rocks & minerals)
  • Providing field assistance during drilling
  • Mineral inventories
  • Assisting with core logging
  • Plotting data using computer software
  • Recording and measuring river and stream stage and flows

Senior Students

  • Collecting groundwater-level information
  • Collecting and preserving water samples
  • Elementary well testing
  • Testing fill material for compaction and moisture during road construction