Land and Food Systems

The students in the Land and Food Systems co-op program are based out of a Faculty that is a leader in integrated research and education that addresses global issues surrounding:

  • Human health
  • A sustainable food supply
  • The responsible use of finite land and water resources

Currently, the program has a large number of students focused on gaining a broad education in food science, nutrition and marketing.

Sample skill sets

  • Conducting shelf life studies
  • Preparing and extracting samples using a variety of techniques
  • Performing basic laboratory skills used for microbial and chemical analysis
  • Developing nutritional labeling and content information for a product line
  • Assisting in conducting process flow charting and production flow evaluations
  • Bacterial isolation and identification
  • Product development
  • Food analysis
  • HACCP analysis
  • Familiarity with regulations and labeling requirements
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining quality assurance programs