Pharmacology Co-op students are honour students who come from a program that is one of the most elite programs at UBC and is also one of the most highly recognized programs of its kind in Canada. Entrance into the program demands a very high level of academic and personal achievement

The emphasis of the students’ academic background has been on the experimental and laboratory aspects of pharmacology. Students have taken core courses in biochemistry, genetics, human physiology, and pharmacology and have developed a wide array of laboratory based skills within UBC’s cutting edge research facilities.

Sample skill sets

  • In Vitro / In Vitro techniques
  • Various routes of drug administration
  • Screening of analgesics
  • Dose-response measurements and analysis
  • Use of transducers and polygraph recorders
  • Smear preparations, staining techniques
  • Reagent and medium preparation
  • Bacteriophage titration
  • Analysis of biochemical tests
  • Organic synthesis
  • Chromatography; GC, UV, IR, TLC
  • C,H-NMR mass spectroscopy
  • Distillation techniques: simple, vacuum fractional, recrystallization