Applying for Jobs

  • Jobs are posted daily in Scope.
  • All jobs have a deadline date and are normally posted for three business days. You must submit your application portfolio from your Scope account by no later than 9:00 am on the date shown.
  • You should have at least 50% of the skills required in order to apply.
  • Cover letter is required for every job unless otherwise stated.
  • UBC System Transcripts are automatically loaded to your SCOPE account.  If you have a change of grade/course, or missing a transcript, contact to request one
  • Transfer students from another institution will need to upload their own transcripts and select "Non-UBC Transcripts" as the document type in SCOPE
  • Science Co-op reserves the right to send your resumes directly to employers who do not post jobs on Scope.
  • Set up a default portfolio with a summary sheet, updated resume and transcript in Scope so that your Coordinator can forward your application to employers.
  • More information can be found in the student manual in SCOPE under "Student Resources"


Once you've applied for a job, check your e-mail regularly. If you are selected for an interview, the Co-op office will e-mail you with instructions to sign up in Scope for your interview and to view details (location, interviewer, etc.) pertaining to the interview. It is important that you attend to this right away in order to get the best selection of interview times (and to enable us to confirm your interview time with the employer).

You can see which employers have already responded and selected candidates for interviews on the Application Status tab in Scope. Note: If you applied for a job and are selected for an interview, your Dashboard page in Scope will have the option to schedule "Unscheduled/Unconfirmed Interviews".

Attending the Interview

  • You must attend all interviews that you have been selected for. Please inform the person who sent you the interview invitation email immediately if you cannot attend an interview. You will only be granted an exemption if you have a midterm or a lab.
  • Take a copy of your resume, transcript and a list of your references to the interview. If you prefer, you may take samples of your work or a copy of a work term report.
  • Arrive at the interview location 15 minutes prior to your interview.
  • Remain in the waiting area outside the interview room until the employer calls you.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Be prepared; compile a list of questions to ask the employer.
  • Bring a notepad and pen in case you need to take notes during the interview process.
  • Should you wish to send a Thank You note to the employer, ask the interviewer for their business cards for follow up.  The co-op office no longer handles forwarding of thank you notes.

Virtual or Online Interviews

Attending a virtual interview with an employer is different than meeting them face-to-face. In preparation for an online interview, we have provided some tips to help you feel confident and let your skills and personality shine.

Video Conference Interview Tips


Job Offer

  • All co-op jobs must be accepted or declined through your Co-op Coordinator.  Students are given two business days to decide on an offer.
  • After you have accepted a job, your employer should prepare an offer letter and send it to you or via the Co-op Office. The Co-op office will forward the letter to you. Should the letter require your signature, be sure to return it by the deadline to avoid losing your offer. Upload a copy of your offer letter on SCOPE.
  • If your offer letter contains a confidentiality agreement and you have questions about it, please see your Coordinator for an explanation and to have your signature witnessed.
  • Fulfill any other employment requirements, for example: completion of a medical exam, purchase of protective clothing, etc. according to the letter of offer.
  • Mail or email your signed offer letter or confirmation of placement to your employer. The Co-op office will be happy to help you with this.

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