Finding Your Own Job

As an alternative to finding a job through UBC's regular co-op process, you can conduct an independent job search by searching online and attending networking events.  Please inform your coordinator before you start your independent job search.

Co-op Position Requirements

In order for a position to be counted as Co-op, it must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Full time (at least 35 hours per week) 
  • Minimum 12 weeks long 
  • Paid position (student should receive compensation for their work)
  • Technical & relevant to their field of study

Procedure on Job Offers

Once you've secured a placement, fill out the Self-Developed Job Form via SCOPE.  On Dashboard, click on the top right button "Submit A Form" and click on the down arrow to select "Self-Developed Job Form".  Your Coordinator will then contact the potential employer to brief them about our Co-op program to make sure they are clear on their responsibilities as well as finalize the job offer.  You will be registered for the Co-op course and be considered officially placed.