Work Term Requirements

There are several requirements to meet for each work term. As a student of the UBC Science Co-op Programs, you are expected to:
  1. Honour your commitment to an employer by fulfilling the terms of employment to the best of your ability.
  2. Respect the policies, procedures, confidentiality and proprietary information of your employers. Assume that information is confidential unless informed otherwise. Conform to all conditions and rules that apply to employees in the organization.
  3. Keep the Co-op Coordinator informed of any changes in your address, contact, and work term information.
  4. Help arrange for a site visit between you, your Co-op Coordinator, and your supervisor during the work term, preferably conducted during the second or third month of the term.
  5. Advise the employer and Coordinator of any concerns or problems that you have with your work term assignment or working environment.
  6. Complete your work term assignment and all work term documents in SCOPE. Please refer to the Work Term Assignment section for detailed instructions.
  7. Remind your supervisor to submit the Employer Evaluation online via SCOPE by the first Friday after the end the work term

When do I need to complete the Work Term Documents?


During Work Term #1, complete by:

Other Work Terms (2 and beyond), complete by:

1. Work Term Record

Week 3 of your work term

Week 3 of your work term

2. Learning Objectives & Goal Setting Form

Week 3 of your work term

Week 3 of your work term

Not applicable if no site visit

3. Site Visit Form Week 7 of your work term and at least 3-5 days before your site visit

Week 7 of your work term and at least 3-5 days before your site visit


Optional if no visit will be conducted on extension terms

4. Student Evaluation

1st Friday after 4-month work term

1st Friday after 4-month work term

5. Employer Evaluation

1st Friday after 4-month work term

1st Friday after 4-month work term

6. Work Term Assignment

1st Work Term Student Assignment

(End of Term Reflection in SCOPE)

1st Friday after 4-month work term

Work Term Report

If Confidential: early in the last month of your work term; this gives your supervisor time to review

If Non-confidential: 1st Friday after 4-month work term

Why do I have a site visit?

A site visit is an opportunity for your Coordinator to discuss your performance and the educational merit of your work placement mid-way through the term with your supervisor and you. A mid-term review could be valuable feedback to understand mutual expectations.

How does my supervisor fill out the evaluation?

Your direct supervisor will receive an email from the Co-op office with login instructions to SCOPE prior to the end of your 4-month work term.  They will log in to complete your performance evaluation online.  Please contact the Co-op office if an email has not been received by the middle of your 4th month.

What are work term assignments?

A report at the end of each 4-month work term is required for all work terms except your 1st.  There are different options available: technical report, oral presentation, poster presentation, progress report (not applicable to computer science students) and blog/ wiki, user manuals, patent applications (computer science students).  More details can be found in Work Term Assignment section.

Do I submit my report to the Co-op office?

It depends on the content of your report; specifically, if you and your supervisor feel your work term report is confidential or non-confidential:

  • Where to submit a non-confidential report: After submitting your report to your supervisor and receiving confirmation that it does not contain sensitive and confidential information, you can submit a printed copy of your report to the Co-op office for marking. Reports will not be accepted without a release confirmation by your supervisor which is submitted when they complete the evaluation form online.
  • Where to submit a confidential Report: Submit your report to your supervisor and they will be responsible for evaluating your report. The evaluation forms are available online in SCOPE and your supervisor will receive their login instructions via email prior to the end of the work term.

How do I receive a Pass standing for my work term?

To receive a Pass, all Co-op work term documents must be submitted by the deadline, and you must receive a “satisfactory” or better grade on your employer evaluation and work term assignment.

When may a fail standing be issued for work terms?

  • When a student is dismissed with just cause by the employer
  • Student quits the job without permission from the Co-op Coordinator and the Co-op employer
  • Received an unsatisfactory evaluation from the employer
  • Received an unsatisfactory grade on their report/assignment and failed to rewrite
  • Did not submit the student evaluation form at the end of each Co-op work term