I Need a Work Visa!

Because visa applications can change, it is best to contact the UBC Science Co-op office for assistance before proceeding with your visa application.

This page is currently under review due to changing travel advisories and new visa application process due to the COVID pandemic.  Please reach out to the Co-op office for assistance if you have any questions about visa applications.

Here are the general working visa application instructions for popular destinations:

United States

Visa Type: J-1

Minimum Processing Time: 1.5 month

Application Instructions:

Students can apply for a J-1 visa via Cultural Vistas.

Submit your application online via this link:


Approximate Fees:

Program Administration fees $750 (3 months), $800 (3 to 12 months)

Expedited 5 day processing service is an additional $1,000

SEVIS fee $220

Health Insurance plans and fees - $55 per month for the Standard Lite plan OR $95 per month for the Enhanced plan

*Medical insurance includes coverage for COVID test charges if requested by a physician


Visa Type: Youth Mobility Visa (before arrival), Residence Permit (after arrival)

Minimum Processing Time: 1 month

Application Instructions (For Canadians):

Canadian students will be required to mail your Youth Mobility Visa application to the German Consulate in Toronto.

Relevant forms and instructions can be found on this page:  https://canada.diplo.de/ca-en/consular-services/visa/yma

Document Checklist (Sept 2021 Version)

All documents need to be notarized before mailing to the consulate. Contact the Co-op Office for assistance and to review your documents before sending your application.

We also have a recommended notary public to handle your YMV application at an affordable rate.

Please note that after you have successfully acquired your Youth Mobility Visa, it is only valid for three months.  Upon arrival in Germany, you will need to apply for a Residence Permit to cover your entire duration of employment.  Report to the local aliens office and inquire about the application process there.  There will be another fee for this application.

Approximate Fees:

$115 Euros for YMV + Notary Public Charges + Courier Charges


Application Instructions (For International Students):

International students however will not be eligible for the Youth Mobility Visa.  International students who wish to work in Germany will need to fly to Toronto to apply for an Internship Visa in-person, which will be valid for the entire stay in Germany.

Internship Visa information can be found on the German Consulate website here

Internship Visa document checklist: https://canada.diplo.de/blob/2449174/0b522449d05762cc496e551fdce5f1d1/ch...

Please contact the Co-op office before initiating your application.

Before you book your flights to Toronto, you will need to book a visa appointment online:  http://www.canada.diplo.de/Vertretung/kanada/en/01/GK__Toronto/appointme...

Allow for at least 2 months process time.


Visa Type: Mission Visa

Minimum Processing Time: 3 months

Canadian students who are staying in Italy for less than 3 months do not require a visa.

For employment longer than 90 days, a mission visa is required.  Please contact the Co-op office for assistance regarding this visa.

Visa info:  http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en#BMQuestionario


Visa Type: Temporary Employment Pass (TEP)

Minimum Processing Time: up to 3 months

Co-op students can obtain their work authorization for Singapore through the Ministry of Manpower by applying for a Temporary Employment Pass (TEP).  This application is done jointly with your host company and the information can be found here:


National University of Singapore

Visa Type: Student Pass

Minimum Processing Time: 3 months

Science Co-op students who are placed with the National University of Singapore (NUS) will go through the "Student Pass" route instead of a TEP.

The Co-op office together with Go Global office in UBC will assist you in being registered as a student with NUS.  Once the admission is confirmed, you will be prompted by NUS' Registrar's office to apply for a Student Pass from the Singapore Government Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA)'s online sytem - SOLAR.  SOLAR's online portal can be found here:  https://solar.ica.gov.sg/solar/index.xhtml

Please do not begin your Student Pass application until you have admission confirmation from NUS.



Visa Type: Training and Research Visa (Subclass 402)

Minimum Processing Time: 3.5 months

Employers can apply for a Training & Research Visa (Subclass 402) to bring a Science Co-op student overseas to work in Australia.  This visa is currently closed to new applications.


Another option is for students to consider using the Working Holiday Visa but it is not the most recommended visa for Co-op Internships.




Visa Type: National D Visa

Minimum Processing Time: 2 months

Application instructions can be found on the Austria Embassy's website:  http://www.bmeia.gv.at/en/embassy/ottawa/practical-advice/travelling-to-austria/entry-permits-visa.html

Visa D is a suitable visa for students to work in Austria for four months.  Students committed to working longer than six months would apply for a residence permit upon arrival.

Police criminal record check is required: http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=29&languageId=1&contentId=218


For any other country destinations, see more information on International Experience Canada website or contact the Co-op Office for further assistance.