Getting Help

The team at UBC Science Co-op is here to help! We want all our students to succeed in school terms, work terms and beyond. Contact the UBC Science Co-op office for support on placements, deadlines, and work term reports.

Academic Questions? Contact Your ES Advisors.

UBC has Enrollment Services Advisors (ES Advisors) who are able to help all UBC students with academic and financial issues and questions. ES Advisors should be your first point of contact for help with items such as paying tuition, student loans, scholarships and changing programs. Contact your ES Advisor and learn more about how they can help.

Common Questions

How do I contact my ES Advisor?

You can find your Enrollment Services Advisor's assignment on Workday Student under Personal/Cohort Summary. Your ES Advisor can help you in-person, by phone, or email.

What is the Co-op workshop fee?

The workshop fee is a one-time fee paid upon admission to Co-op. All new students have to pay the fee online by credit or debit card prior to attending the workshop.  For the latest fee information, please visit UBC Calendar. If you have questions about the workshop fee, please email

Do I enroll myself in a Co-op course after finding a job placement?

No, you do not need to enroll in a Co-op course yourself. The Co-op office will enroll students in Co-op courses. Before registering for courses, you will have to pay a $100 registration deposit, which will be applied toward your tuition. The deposit will appear on the Pay Fees screen through the WorkDay Student once your registration appointment has been released. Please note that if you have enough tuition credits in your account, a registration deposit might not be required. Co-op course fee is applied to your UBC account upon registration. Please pay your fees to UBC, the same as your other tuition fees. For current fee information, please visit the UBC Calendar. If you have questions about Co-op registration, please email

When will I receive a Pass grade on my Co-op course?

Grades will be posted two months after the end of your work term. If you need the grade to be entered earlier or have missing grades from previous work terms, please email

Do my Co-op course credits count toward my graduation?

No, Co-op course credits cannot be used in lieu of or to complement academic course credits required by the specialization. Each successfully completed Co-op course will be assigned credits and will be recorded on the transcript. To receive a Co-op designation on graduation, you must have completed the required number of work terms in addition to the regular academic requirements of the specialization.

I need a letter from the Co-op office to confirm my student status. Who should I ask?

Send your request to with the purpose of the letter (i.e. student permit, scholarship, housing) and an electronic copy will be prepared and sent to you in 3 business days. 

Am I enrolled in the AMS/GSS Health Dental Plan?

Yes. Students who are registered for Term 1 and 2 courses will be automatically enrolled in the plan. If you want to opt out, you can only do it during the change of coverage period. More details can be found on the UBC I Have a Plan site.

How long is my emergency travel coverage?

If you're enrolled in the plan, you're covered for up to 120 days per trip. Note: You must have Canadian provincial health care coverage or equivalent coverage to make travel claims. More details can be found on the UBC I Have a Plan site.

What happens to my student housing when I am on Co-op?

You are able to opt in/out of housing as it makes sense for your Co-op placement. For example, if your Co-op position is outside of Metro Vancouver, you may no longer need a spot in student residence. More details can be found on the UBC Housing site. A support document from the Co-op office might be required by the Student Residence. Please email to request a letter.

I do not live in Metro Vancouver during my co-op placement.  How do I apply for a U-Pass BC exemption?

There are more than one kind of exemptions available, please refer to U-Pass BC Program for exemption criteria and follow the instructions to apply by the relevant application deadlines.

How do I apply for a Co-op work permit?

Please refer to the International Students page. For assistance from the Co-op office, please email

Where do I access my student tax forms?

UBC issues tax forms on the WorkDay Student in the middle of February. More information can be found on the UBC Students site. For more information, contact the UBC Science Co-op office or peruse other pages in Current Students and Prospective Students.

How do I withdraw from the Co-op program?

If you wish to withdraw from the Co-op Program, you must schedule an appointment with your coordinator to discuss your reasons for leaving the Co-op program.  Please complete the Co-op Program Withdrawal Form in SCOPE in full and have it approved by your coordinator as soon as possible. All withdrawal deadlines must comply with the Terms & Conditions.

WorkDay Student - How to I satisfy the 1 requirement in the Co-op Program of Study Wheel on WorkDay?

The Co-op wheel on WorkDay only shows "1 requirement" which is administered at the time of graduation.  Should students completed the required number of work terms (typically 4 work terms), they will receive 1 out of 1 requirement and receive a Completed status for Co-op.  There is no in between status for Co-op in WorkDay.