Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is designed to comply with the requirements of BC’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. It reflects your right to privacy and permits the UBC Science Co-op Program to disclose relevant information about you to current and potential Co-op employers. It also stipulates Co-op regulations and expectations. It is intended to ensure a procedural fairness for individuals by establishing a set of principles governing all Co-op students administered by UBC Science Co-op. These terms and conditions are in addition to those regulations listed in the University of British Columbia Calendar.

Questions about the collection of this information may be directed to the Program Director: iqbal@phas.ubc.ca.

I, (First and last name) ………………………………………………… student number …………………………… having applied for the UBC Science Co-op Program in the discipline of ………………………………………, agree to the following points. I agree that:

Part I: During the Job Search / Placement Period

  1. I will attend all Co-op workshops as I understand that it is a pre-requisite before starting my first work term; and that, if I do not complete this pre-employment training, I may be withdrawn from the Co-op Program.
  2. I will participate in each placement period as required by my schedule, apply for the number of jobs as determined by my Coordinator, apply jobs for which I am qualified, and attend all interviews with employers that have selected me as a candidate.
  3. I agree to keep the Co-op job posting information, employer lists, contacts, passwords to web sites etc. confidential and not share it with anyone outside the Co-op Program.
  4. I will check my email regularly and promptly respond to all messages from Co-op staff.
  5. I allow the Co-op Program to solicit positions from any Co-op employer on my behalf.
  6. I understand that the Co-op Program does not guarantee work placements, and I will also conduct my own job-search.
  7. I agree NOT to solicit positions from Co-op employers directly on my own behalf, without prior permission from my Coordinator.
  8. I will provide accurate and appropriate information regarding my qualifications and interests to the Co-op Program and prospective employers.
  9. I will provide the most current version of my academic transcript(s) to the Co-op Program and employers. I will not omit or change my courses/grades in any way.
  10. I give my consent to the Co-op Program to release my resume, cover letters, transcripts, and other relevant information in order to secure employment for work terms while I am enrolled in the Co-op Program.
  11. I understand that the Co-op Program or my Coordinator may select interview times on my behalf.
  12. I will contact my Coordinator immediately after an interview if I do not want to accept the position.
  13. I will inform my Coordinator of any inappropriate and/or unethical behavior or treatment during the interview process.
  14. I will consult my Coordinator before accepting any job offer.
  15. I will accept or reject a Co-op job offer only through my Coordinator or the Co-op office.
  16. I will accept a reasonable salary level offered by employers. I understand that the work terms are paid employment and reflect the organization’s salary scale and my level of training and experience.
  17. I will pay the necessary expenses if travel or relocation is necessary and not subsidized by the company. I am aware that geographic location is not a valid excuse for turning down a job offer. I understand that participation in the Co-op Program requires me to accept positions anywhere in Canada. If I have any restrictions regarding travel, I will discuss them with my Coordinator prior to the placement process.
  18. For self-developed jobs, I permit my Coordinator to contact the employer and ensure the employer is aware of and will abide by the Co-op guidelines.
  19. I will honour the acceptance (written or verbal) of placement as a contractual agreement with the employer, and I will not seek to alter this agreement. I understand that, if I break my contract of employment, I will not be satisfying the conditions of the Co-op Program and I will receive a Fail (F) for the Co-op course(s).
  20. I understand that if I return to a Co-op employer for a subsequent work term(s), I will be registered in the Co-op course for each work term and required to pay the Co-op course fee.
  21. I understand that obtaining a job through my own job search, and then withdrawing from the Co-op Program is not permitted.

Part II: On Work Term

  1. Upon acceptance of a job offer, I will be enrolled in a Co-op course by the Co-op office.
  2. I will not de-register myself from a Co-op course.
  3. I will inform my Coordinator of any inappropriate and/or unethical behavior or treatment on the job.
  4. I will communicate with my Coordinator, and/or the Co-op Program before my employer about any issues, changes or events related to my involvement in the Co-op Program or my Co-op work placement.
  5. I understand that Co-op employment must be full-time.
  6. I will limit my enrollment in classes while I am on a work term to one evening for-credit course per work term. If I wish to take more than one evening course OR a course during the day, I will obtain permission from BOTH my Coordinator and my employer PRIOR to registering in the course(s).
  7. I understand that while on a Co-op work term I am an employee of the employer and not an employee or agent of the University. In all matters relating to work activities, I am under the supervision and direction of the employer and not under the supervision and direction of the University.
  8. I understand that while on a Co-op work term I am representing my educational program and the University, and therefore I agree to conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with the University of British Columbia Regulations and Policies and those set out by employer and their respective organization(s). Failure to do so may result in my employer being informed of a breach of conduct and consequently may result in the termination of the work term and a failed work term grade of “F”.
  9. I will follow the procedures as outlined on the “Work Term Checklist” for each work term.
  10. I will submit a work term report or assignment (or a progress report, as determined by my Coordinator) and work term evaluations for each four-month work term by the date set by the Co-op Program. I agree to notify my Coordinator prior to the deadline if for any reason my documents will not be submitted by the deadline.
  11. I understand that I need a "Satisfactory" or better grade on my work term evaluation from my employer and on my work term report or assignment to pass (P) the Co-op work term. An unsatisfactory grade by my employer evaluation may result in me being assigned a failed work term grade.
  12. I understand that I may be assigned a Fail (F) for my Co-op work term for the following reasons:
    • Failure to report for work at the employer’s location
    • Ending a work term without permission from my Coordinator and employer
    • Dismissal based on my actions
    • Unsatisfactory performance as determined by the employer
    • Failure to submit required documents to the employer

Part III: While Enrolled in Co-op

  1. I will pay my workshop fee by the deadline set by the Co-op Program. I will be registered in a Co-op course and pay my registration fees for every four-month placement (consecutive or not) whether I have secured a Co-op job through the Co-op Program or through my own efforts.
  2. I will complete the required number of work terms according to my discipline of study. I am aware of the work term schedule and I agree to follow the schedule as outlined. Any changes to my Co-op schedule would be upon consultation and approval of my Coordinator.
  3. I will behave appropriately according to UBC Policies for the duration of the time I am participating in the Co-op program, whether attending UBC or on a work term. I will furthermore respect the policies and procedures of the employer while on a work term, including policies regarding confidential/proprietary information.
  4. I understand that if I fail to meet the academic standards of the Co-op Program, I may be deferred or withdrawn from the Program.
  5. I understand that any disciplinary action imposed on me by the University, whether for academic or non-academic offences, may result in my dismissal from the Co-op Program.
  6. I understand that if I wish to withdraw from the Co-op Program, I must obtain the approval in writing by the Coordinator and Science Co-op Director prior to the commencement of the job search term. I will submit my withdrawal request to the Director and acquire approval by the following dates: For Winter work term (January – April) – by August 31st For Summer work term (May – August) – by December31st For Fall work term (September – December) – by April 30th
  7. I understand that failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions will result in dismissal from the Co-op Program. The Co-op Program reserves the right to dismiss students for improper behaviour at the discretion of the Coordinator and the Science Co-op Director.

I understand the regulations listed above. I agree to the terms stipulated by the UBC Science Co-op Program. I understand that failure to comply with these regulations will result in my failure of a work term and/or my dismissal from the Co-op Program. UBC Science Co-op reserves the right to update, modify, or revise these terms and conditions.