Work Term Assignment

Writing a work term assignment and submitting it on time is a requirement of your Co-op work term. It also prepares you for writing assignments--a major part of professional life--and provides you with an example of your work to show prospective employers.

Option 1:  Co-op Work Term Report

How to write a work term report?

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Confidential or Not?

Confidential assignment: Submit to your supervisor and he/she will be responsible for evaluating your assignment. The evaluation forms are available online in SCOPE and your supervisor will receive his/her login instruction via email prior to the end of the work term.

Non-confidential assignment: After submitting assignment to your supervisor and receiving confirmation that your assignment does not contain sensitive and confidential information, you can submit report to the Co-op office for marking. Reports will not be accepted without a release confirmation by your supervisor which is submitted when he/she completes the evaluation form online.


Option 2:  Progress assignment (Not applicable to Computer Science students)

Students working for the same employer for more than one work term have the option to write a progress report. A detailed technical report is required at the end of your 8 months work term.

General guidelines for progress assignment:

  • Short description of the organization and your dept/team
  • Description about the project(s) you are working on and how you are pursuing the project (ie. what type of research or work you are undertaking)
  • What are the technical goals?
  • Progress report on what stage the project(s) is/are at
  • What will the final technical report contain?

Option 3: Oral Presentation

This form is optional and can be used as a reference tool for employers. We kindly ask employers to submit the presentation assessment through the Employer Evaluation (Part B) on SCOPE.

More info on presentation

Option 4: Poster presentation

Your supervisor might ask you to prepare a scientific poster and have it ready for display or to be presented at a conference. A poster presentation is an acceptable variation of the work term assignment. Your supervisor should assess your poster and submit the grading via Scope.

Other Options?

Depending on the nature of your work, your supervisor might ask you to create an online portfolio, a website, a video or other creative options to summarize the work you have done on your work term.  If you have any questions about the format of your Co-op assignment, contact your Coordinator to inquire.


Sample assignments

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For Computer Science Students
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For Life Science Students
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