Science Co-op International Placement Grant

Grant Objective

The objective of the grant is to encourage students to avail themselves of international work term/internship opportunities to enhance experiential learning and broaden their global outlook. The Science Co-op International Work Term Grants will provide eligible UBC Science Co-op (Vancouver) students with travel expenses for international work terms, including the United States. These grants are intended to partially fund relocation costs associated with an international work term for those students who,

(A) are not paid relocation assistance by the employer and,
(B) earn a monthly salary that is less than or equal to CAD $1400.

Grant Criteria and Student Eligibility

• The Co-op work term must be a minimum of 12-week duration.
• Each grant is valued at a maximum of CAD $1,000. The actual value of the grant is distributed as follows.

Here the value of the grant and the monthly salary is in Canadian dollars.

• The total value of the funds available for these grants is limited to $15,000.
• The grants are offered on a first come – first serve basis.
• Normally the grant must be approved by the Director of the Science Co-op Program prior to acceptance of the Co-op job offer by the student. In exceptional cases a student may apply for the grant after accepting an offer.
• The grant can only be used towards relocation assistance.
• The student will make his/her own travel arrangements and produce appropriate receipts for reimbursement. Every effort must be made to minimize travel costs.
• A student is eligible for only one grant throughout his/her undergraduate career at UBC.
• The grant may be combined with other grants.

Application and Selection Process

Upon receiving a Co-op job offer the interested student must submit to the Science Co-op office

  • A Science Co-op International Work Term Grant form via Scope.
  • In Scope, click on the "Submit a Form" button on your Dashboard.
  • Under Category, select "Science Co-op International Work Term Grant Application" and proceed to complete the form.
  • A copy of the letter of offer from the hiring employer. If an offer letter is not available, an email from student’s Coordinator confirming the placement is required.

The Co-op Director will review the grant application and notify you when it is approved.

Once approved, the student will receive an email at the start of the placement term to confirm acceptance of the award through your SSC account.

Go Global Self-Directed Research Awards

Students who do not meet the eligibility of the Science Co-op grant (>Cdn $1,400 per month), but are participating in research abroad on Co-op, can consider applying for the Go Global Self-Directed Research Award.

Please pay attention to application cut off deadlines per term. 

Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis and administered by the Go Global office.